Nix operators

Selecte.attr [or def]Evaluates to the value of attr in set e, or to def if the or keyword is used
Applicatione1 e2Call function e1 with argument e2
Arithmetic negation- eSelf-explanatory
Has attributee ? attrTests whether a set contains an attribute, returning a boolean
List concatenatione1 ++ e2Self-explanatory
Multiplicatione1 * e2Self-explanatory
Divisione1 / e2Self-explanatory
Additione1 + e2Self-explanatory
Subtractione1 - e2Self-explanatory
String concatenatione1 + e2Self-explanatory
Not! eSelf-explanatory
Updatee1 // e2Merge sets e1 and e2, with attributes in e2 overwriting matching attributes in e1
Comparison<, >, <=, >=Self-explanatory
Equality==, !=Self-explanatory
Logic&&, ||Self-explanatory
Logical implicatione1 -> e2Self-explanatory